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Updated: Apr 9, 2018

Come join me and take a seat on this Journey.

Friends make the world Beautiful, not just the view.

It all started two months ago on the 1st February 2018 a week after I had noticed a lump in my right breast. I thought if I ignored it, it would go away but as my mum always taught me if your not sure get it checked. The Doctor confirmed the lump, but advised I would need to wait to have my time of the month to be sure.

Note to all ladies out there - Your boobs can change during your menstrual cycle.

My period came only a few days later and I was then back to the doctors on the 6th Feb. The doctor confirmed the lump was still there and that she would refer me to the Breast Clinic in Cheltenham.

My appointment was on the 14th February (Yes Valentines day) and I was back in to have my boobs felt again. Some of you would say that I was lucky that someone was having a feel on that date as many of us long for someone. (control your minds, ahem). In reality it's just another day of the year, an expensive one for most, but mine was free!

However my 1st experience was not the best... I waited over an hour to be seen, to then be called in by one of the nurses who lets say didn't have the friendliest of manner. She lead us up to a room where I had to get changed into one of those wonderful hospital robes. Mum and I waited for the Consultant to arrive who made no apology for the delay when she finally did enter. Let's just say she was not what I had expected (scruffy round the edges), especially after my initial impressions and experience I was beginning to wonder about the whole place.

The moment of Truth

I lay on the bed with my boobs naked to the room and she had a good feel, followed by an ultra sound to check the right breast, using a warm gel I was in for a treat. Images were taken throughout and during, my age was asked in a concerning way. To me it just looked like chalk on a blackboard on the screen, to which I was informed she could see calcification on my Breast!!

Yes I did what they always tell you not to, looked it up, online, on my phone in the waiting room - Pre Cancerous cells- what a doughnut as now, the panic set in. I was asked to see another consultant for a 2nd opinion, so back to the waiting room we went, but this time not for long as we were promptly greeted by a friendly nurse.

My second feel was much the same, with more pictures of white looking chalk, however this lady took much longer looking at things, which left the nurse and I to chat away about the wonderful world of Insurance (My current Job). Sometime went by and the consultant said she was going to confer with my original consultant. she left and returned a few minutes later, but Oh wait, what is this brown tray she has in her hands as she re-entered the room! 'A biopsy you say'. Yes my heart was racing at this point, my mum sat in the corner I could see the worry in her face (Damn it mum I didn't just inherit your lumpy boobs...sorry I have just told everyone that now).

I had to lye on my left side with my right arm hanging over my head and to stay still, which is hard when I get really bad pins and needles. I was given an anaesthetic injection in the side of my right boob, which stung I wont lie. I was then shown how the biopsy would be taken.

If you think of a staple gun and that noise, but then imagine the end that went into my skin was much longer and as wide as the silver part on a newer iPhone charger (other brands are available). The staple gun was put into my side 3 times and luckily that was enough, the consultant had collected enough cells to be sent away and tested. At last 3 hours later I was able to re-gain my dignity and get dressed again. I had to see one more person that morning who gave me all the leaflets on calcification, she confirmed not to read too much until I was due my results, two weeks later.

As you can imagine 2 weeks waiting is a long time when all you can think is the worst. I thought I was a positive person but this kind of stuff really does knock you, but its not about how far you fall, but how high you bounce back.

So yes it was a long wait but one that could have been worse if I didn't have an amazing support network, so just a little thank you to all of my family, my boyfriend (Karl) and all my friends (you know who you are).

So this is just the beginning and I have so much more to tell you, so please see the next stage on my blog as otherwise this one would go on for days, which I never thought I would be saying. As you can tell I like to talk and I hope this first post has given you something to take away. Thank you for taking the time to read this and if anyone has any questions or wants to get in contact with me, email me on hello.abreastfriend@gmail.com.

All I ask is ladies, girls, boys and gents make sure you check your chest and if ANYTHING feels abnormal just get it checked for piece of mind. I bet you guys are thinking why us? Well it can happen to you as well not just women!

See ya,

Chanelle xxx


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